roofer building an asphalt shingle roof

Roofing Contractor Red Flags

When you need a new roof on your house or business, hiring the right professional is essential. Not all roofers are created equal and sometimes the roof you expect is not what is actually installed. Here are red flags to look for when choosing which roofing company is right for your project.


6 Roofer Red Flags

  • No References or Past Projects
  • No License or Not Insured
  • Quote is Too Good to be True
  • 100% of Cost Up Front
  • Pressure to Sign a Contract
  • No Local Physical Address


 #1: No References or Past Projects

Any qualified roofing contractor has done the work and built up the experience needed to be considered a top-rated roofer. Past projects show a roofer has dealt with the ups and downs of developing a large-scale design. What contractor has not done work so amazing that it does not want to show it off. Look out for this red flag right away!


#2: No License or Insurance

You paid a contractor to build a new roof for your home. During the process, the contractor rips through your house’s electrical lines. Turns out, the company is not properly insured. You will be the one in charge of paying for the repairs. Make sure to ask and ensure your roofer is insured before signing any contracts.


#3: The Quote is Too Good to be True

A high-quality roofer knows its worth. If you are looking for the best contractor, you will have to pay the price. A contractor that offers a price quote so low that it cannot be true is most likely a scam. Companies that low ball prices are hiding something. They do not have insurance, or do not have much experience, or just cannot deliver on their promise. A low price quote is an immediate red flag.


#4: 100% of Payment Request Up Front

Most contractors split up payment for your project. Sometimes fifty-percent is paid up front, fifty-percent paid upon completion. Sometimes it is paid in thirds. But if a contractor demands full payment up front, that is an easy red flag they are hiding something.


#5: Pressure to Sign a Contract

A roofer that pressures potential customers to sign a contract has insecurities. The roofer may not be confident that they can provide the services outlined in the contract and want to get the signature now. Clear red flag. There should not be any pressure in signing a roofer to complete a project for you.

Business contract


#6: No Local Physical Address

Most of the time, you will want a local contractor to complete your roofing project. This allows for an efficient and quick process. If an issue does arise following the project, a local roofer can return to fix the issue a lot quicker. A non-local roofer might not even come back to fix issues. If a roofer does not have a physical address in your location, they might not be up-to-date on local rules and regulations. Make sure you hire a roofer local to you.



Hiring the right roofer can be difficult in a large local area. When considering multiple candidates, ensure to look for these red flags. Hiring the wrong roofer could cause drastic issues with your roof in the future. 

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